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At Aesthetics for You (AFY) we offer real-world training based on 15 years of our own international experience and more than 1,000 hours of cutting edge technical training. We strive to provide an unbiased approach—delivering authentic and transparent education that focuses on safe, natural results. Our training is designed to perfect your skills and to encourage you to update your approaches to consultation, assessment and treatment. We believe in customizing treatments for each patient, and we provide the insights and knowledge to do so.

Our courses are designed and led by AFY Founder Rana Kennelly, who has worked alongside some of the world’s most accomplished plastic surgeons and dermatologists, as well as a wide range of international aesthetic experts. She is among the field’s most recognized and sought-after leaders, educators and trainers.

What you'll learn

 Our hands-on trainings focus on full facial, neck, décolleté and hand rejuvenation via neuromodulators and dermal fillers. At the core of all our protocols is a deep understanding of injection anatomy which is covered in-depth. Equally important? In every course, we provide training and frank discussions pertaining to the rare but real risks associated with injectable facial procedures. We are among the very few training organizations that offer complete transparency around the subjects of the risks, prevention and management of complications from aesthetic injections. We believe knowledge is power and we provide the essential knowledge every aesthetic expert needs to treat patients with complete confidence.

Rana's Credentials
Current Licensure​
  • Illinois

  • Wisconsin

  • Nebraska

  • California

  • Australia

  • Colorado


  • Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist for Dr. Michael Horn, board certified plastic surgeon Lake Shore Plastic Surgery

  • Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist for The Med Spa at Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery

  • Speaker for Allergan, Inc

  • Trainer for Allergan, Inc

  • Peer-to-Peer Instructor for Galderma

  • Speaker Trainer for Galderma

  • Instructor for National laser Institute

  • Member, American Society of Plastic Surgery Nurses (ASPSN)

  • Certifications in Sclerotherapy, Laser resurfacing and Advanced Skin Care


  • Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

       Chicago, IL, USA

  • Licensed SoftFil Cannula Practitioner

       Paris, France

  • Certified in Lip Tenting and Fern Pattern Technique

       Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Midwifery Honors Degree 

       Kings College, London, UK

  • Bachelor of Health Science – Nursing

      Charles Sturt University, Wagga                Wagga, Australia

  • Diploma of Registered Comprehensive Nursing

       Christchurch Polytechnic,                           Christchurch, New Zealand

In-person training

Learn by doing, in your office or clinic.

Small Group Seminars

See beauties and bo's immediate reaction after a treatment with Rana

Online Training

Courses available at Teachable.com or through a Patreon subscription