What Rana's Beauties and Bo's have to say...


from Mary B.

"Rana Kennelly, RN is the best there is in Chicago!!! 

I have had the pleasure of receiving exceptional treatments from Rana for over 6 years, but this time I went in for an entirely new treatment.  I arrived slightly nervous because I was getting filler in my cheeks, nasal labial folds, and chin.  Rana's calm and cool expertise demeanor put me at ease immediately.  The office staff is so sweet and welcoming and shared excitement with me. 

The treatment itself was almost painless with only a slight warm pinch at the injection sight.  Once Rana finished the treatment, she had me look at my before pictures before looking in the mirror.  I got up to look, my heart pounding, and once I saw my reflection I had tears in my eyes.  Rana had literally turned back the aging clock a with a 20 minute procedure that made me instantly looked 7 years younger!!!!!  

For all those reading this searching for the fountain of youth look no further than Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery and PLEASE do yourself a favor and book a consultation with Rana."

from Teresa

"Rana is one of the most knowledgeable and talented aesthetic nurses in Chicago. She educates you during the process and your end result looks very natural. After my treatments, I always receive compliments on highlights or glowing skin. No one ever notices the real the treatment that was performed. I would highly recommend Rana!"

from Dee S.

“I go to Dr Horn's to see Rana for Botox and fillers. Rana is one of the best nurse injectors in the city!  She makes me feel very comfortable while I am there with her bubbly personality. She also informs me very well on what she thinks is best and listens to me about my concerns, a very important part for me.  She is so good at her craft that I can barely feel anything while she is injecting and NEVER bruise.  I love seeing her and am ALWAYS so happy with my treatments!!”

from Johnathan H.

"I had a consultation and treatment by the nurse, Rana, for facial fillers.  I am an avid runner who has lost some facial volume. I began to look a bit gaunt and to thin. My main worry  about looking "over injected" was completely dissolved once I learned that Rana's goals were that of mine...a natural look!  She didn't try to sell me on product or treatments I didn't need.  Painless and quick with a result I am shocked with. So subtle, but such a drastic change.  I have recommended my friends to go and see this miracle worker...because that is what she is!!"

from Jadele M.

"Whether you get injections or are considering it for the first time, look no further!  This is the only place in the city that I would trust!  And believe me, I am a tough customer.  Rana is an aesthetic artist when it comes to needles.  She clearly sees things that others don't and has the medical knowledge and talents to go with it.  I have been hearing about Juviderm's new product for liquid facelift and would consider it now that I have a place I feel comfortable knows how to master it.  I also spotted a Venus freeze machine while I was in there and think that might have to be included in my next session as well!  The office itself is lovely, serene and calm.  Not sure who other people dealt with but everyone who I came into contact with were fabulous!  Thank goodness for this office, I was starting to worry everyone out there were a bunch of talentless hustlers.  A+"

from Aaron

"I had a botox and voluma treatment with Rana the aesthetic nurse. The result was amazing particularly the voluma as i walked out looking and feeling 10 years younger. I'm 43 years old.  I didn't even realize how parts of my face had aged until I saw the before and after photos. Rana was very professional and knowledgeable, and the treatment itself was painless. I was very nervous about have injections in face but in the end I had nothing to fear.

What was funny, and a true inditement on how good the treatment was, when my 2 and half year old son saw later that day he said my haircut looked cute! (considering I didn't get a haircut he could obviously see a difference)"

from RK C

"If you are looking for a highly skilled and trained injector, look no further. Ask for Rana Kennelly, RN and you will not be disappointed. Not only does Rana have a great aesthetic eye, she will take the time to review her treatment goals during the consult, and she will show you the products she's about to inject. I couldn't be more pleased with the results and would recommend Rana to everyone!"

from Dee L

“I am so grateful to have found Rana. I have had many experiences from many dr's/nurses with fillers and botox but Rana, from Dr. Horn's office is one of the best. She has done my cheeks, chin, lips and botox....and best of all, I still look like myself! She is knowledgeable, gentle and has fantastic beside manner. I highly recommend her....she is truly an artist!.”

from Andrew

"Rana Kennelly is an incredible nurse. She has injected me with Botox several different times, and I have had nothing but great experiences. 


I'm a 34 year old guy that (dare I say it) is still afraid of needles. Rana made me feel comfortable throughout the entire experience, educated me about the procedure and what to expect afterward, and most importantly made me laugh. It's rare that you find someone that is so good at what she does, while having a personality that makes you keep wanting to come back. 


I highly recommend Rana to anyone looking to try Botox. Especially people that are a little squeemish of needles (like me)."

from Ivanka

"I have been coming to Dr. Horn's office for botox and fillers. I have found the best injectable nurse in the city. Her name is Rana Kennelly and she is amazing. My face looks 10 years younger thanks to her  I have my cheeks bones and chin back.  My face looks healthy, younger with natural contoured. Thank you Rana. "

from Simonette

"My injector nurse is Rana, she puts me at ease right away. As she started to inject me, I felt dizzy, and she knew exactly what to do, put the needle down, and legs up, I was better in matter of minutes. As she continued with her work, I felt in very good hands, she started to draw lines around my cheeks and very knowledgeably injected me. 

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I was so impressed with her work that tears of joy arised in my eyes. She is truly one of the most talented people I ever met in this business, and I can tell she loves what she does!  
If you need any magic touch, Rana is the person you want to do it. Most natural effect ever!!"

from Jessica

"I have to say I am very pleased with the bedside manner that I received from Rana. I was so scared and she took the time to explain to me the procedure and best results that fit me.  I love my results. She is honest and looks for nothing but the best for her patients.  I definitely recommend Rana for any injectables."

from Jordyn B.

“I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this place. The customer service I have experienced here has always been top notch. Rana is a miracle worker! My whole demeanor and confidence has changed and I have this woman to thank for it. 

I love that this place offers "botox parties" where botox and fillers are offered at a discounted rate. They wait is minimal and they offer yummy snacks and champagne while you wait. What could be better? I personally didn't want a whole face makeover, but rather but a few minor tweaks that botox was able to fix. I am amazed at the results! I have never been one to receive compliments on my skin, but now people are telling me I look fantastic without knowing I did anything.

We all work so hard and sometimes the hard work and stress in our lives shows on our faces. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Rana. She listens to your needs and you will leave the office feeling like a brand new person. This was the best money I ever spent on myself and I will happily do it again.”

from B.Y.M.

"I am really impressed on how well educated their nurse Rana is. Knowledgeable, professional, and extremely friendly. I highly recommend Rana. "