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Course 1

Course 2

Course 3

  • Prevention, Recognition, Management of Ischemic Events r/t Facial Fillers Online Course  

  • Eligible for 5 CE hours

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Course 4

All sessions can be accessed at any time online.


There is a “Part B” optional additional hands-on training for Course 1 and 2 facilitated by Rana and her expert team in Chicago.*



Rana has done it again! Not only is she approachable and fun in her videos, she also gives you hard science for the new injectors. She goes into detail of each muscle origin and insertion point. I wish I had a class like this when I first started in the aesthetic industry! I would recommend buying this course to all injectors (novice and experienced).

—  Brittony Croasdell MS, FNP-BC, APN

( Neurotoxin course)

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