You don’t want to merely be good;

you want to be great. 

And great injection professionals don’t just chase wrinkles They understand the importance of a deep understanding of anatomy, of conducting a safe practice and of mastering a variety of injection techniques that enhance each patient’s individual appearance. Our hands-on customizable neuromodulator and facial filler trainings focus on full face rejuvenation covering everything you need to know.


Your instructor, Rana Kennelly, is world-renowned for her artistic, less-is-more approach and her unwavering commitment to safety. Rana believes in giving you the right tools to deliver natural, safe and beautiful results catering to the entire face.


Request today a 1:1 customized or small group training.  

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Small group, hands-on training is offered to health care providers who have taken the online novice neuromodulator and online facial filler accredited courses.  Hands-on novice neuromodulator training focuses on full-face rejuvenation with neuromodulators. We believe a full-face focus is important because it enables you to go beyond the upper face industry norm and deliver natural, safe and beautiful results for the entire face.


Our hands-on facial filler sessions focus on safe and predictable facial rejuvenation using hyaluronic acid (reversible) facial fillers. Treatment areas include midface restoration, beginner lip, nasolabial folds, chin, marionette folds, and oral commissures using needle and cannula.  


These are 60-minute, customizable “boot camps." You’ll receive one-on-one training that will help you build upon your technique and advance your facial filler and neuromodulator skills. Choose a single facial area (i.e. lips, cheeks, chin, tear troughs, jaw) and your expert instructors will review anatomy, assessment, and technique with needle and cannula options. We ask you to bring a model for the focused area of your choosing. As an injector, you may also choose to have the Confidence Hour focused on treatment for yourself instead of bringing a model. 

Contact Rana for all questions and inquiries or see what Group Seminars are currently available.