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Both sessions can be accessed at any time online, and both include a “Part B” optional hands-on training, facilitated by myself and my expert team in Chicago.*

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Rana Kennelly is among the field’s most recognized and sought-after leaders, educators and trainers in the Aesthetics industry. In her signature video series provided exclusively to Patron members only, Rana shares with you her breath of Aesthetic experience from consultation, assessment, anatomy, techniques and product choices.

You will have private access to Rana and being a patron member of naturally_rana you will have direct access to Rana to ask her questions. 

Our sessions are designed for new and advanced aesthetic professional who seek ongoing education to perfect their practices in our evolving profession. These forum does not replace the need for hands on and in person teaching sessions.

Nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentists and physicians are welcome. We believe in providing students with a deep understanding of injection protocols with complete transparency around the subjects of risk and prevention and management of complications.

I urge you not to miss this valuable and important opportunity to update your practice and augment your education in order to be part of the leading edge of modern aesthetics, join today!

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