Dear Aesthetic Provider Colleague:

It’s gratifying how popular our aesthetic learning events have been - I’ve received so much positive feedback about our sessions. I’m pleased to announce we’ve scheduled another two-day event, April 27th and 28th, 2020 at the SOHO House in Chicago. Each day offers in-depth training with myself and three of my esteemed colleagues—Julie Horne, RN, Emily Schwalbach, Social Media Consultant and Michael Sacopulos, Attorney. Julie will be sharing her world renowned signature ‘lip treatments’, Emily will share how to connect and boost your social media in an engaging way and Michael will share what things keep you up at night and how to best perform to avoid trouble.  


Our sessions are designed for new and advanced aesthetic professional who seek ongoing training to perfect their practices in our evolving profession. Nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentists and physicians are welcome. We believe in providing students with a deep understanding of injection protocols with complete transparency around the subjects of risk and prevention and management of complications. What’s more, every class is intimate, professional and supportive with the goal of building community, empowering the individual aesthetic provider and having a bit of fun.


Both days offer immersion into topics that will elevate your practice and your skills, in a collaborative and lively environment that celebrates the joy of our profession.


April 27th/28th 2020 



Soho House Chicago

Cinema Screening Room, 4th floor

113-125 N Green Street

Chicago, IL 60607

Hosted By

Rana Kennelly, RN

Guest Speakers

Julie Horn, RN

Michael Sacopulos, Attorney

Emily Schwalbach, Social Media Consultant


Registration opens on  1 January 2020!