What you'll experience

Are you looking for a change in your career or a chance to advance the scope of your practice? AFY offers individual and small group, hands-on training sessions for medical professionals who seek to perfect a current practice or explore a career change. Our sessions are designed for nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentists and physicians who wish to explore the world of aesthetics, as well as advanced aesthetic providers who wish to remain up-to-date and ahead of the curve on the newest developments in the field.


We provide a variety of options, from on-site training in your office for you and your staff to relaxed sessions in our downtown Chicago location. Choose from AFY’s comprehensive course offerings. Popular topics include:

* Neuromodulators

* Dermal fillers

* Specialty training for microbotox

* Master microcannula

* Lower face rejuvenation


AFY training sessions focus on real world aesthetics, and we are eager to share the breadth of our globally-acquired knowledge and skills. In every instance, our priorities are safe practice and natural results. We emphasize:

* the importance of understanding facial anatomy

* cultivating artistry

* fine-tuning technique

* mastering business best practices

* stimulating the healthy growth of your practice


Master the above and we believe you have everything you need to become a expert injector. Thank you for considering us as you perfect your current practice or embark on a new and exciting career.

Novice Injector Training


One-on-one or small group hands-on training (up to 4 attendees) for the novice injector. The course covers safe techniques using neuromodulators or dermal fillers. 


0 to 12 months

Topics Covered

  •  In-depth discussion of neuromodulator products--Botox, Dysport, Xeomin-- and dermal fillers--Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma etc. Course will cover indications and contraindications, as well as the features and benefits of each product, free of pharmaceutical bias.

  • An easy and relatable approach to understanding facial anatomy.

  • The aging process (intrinsic and extrinsic factors) including an understanding of how bone, gum, fat, muscle, ligaments and skin contribute to the aging process and how to best prevent, pause and reverse the aging process.

  • Transparent education on FDA-approved and off-label uses to provide the best outcomes with the understanding that FDA-approved uses are not always the safest practices in a fast-evolving field.

  • Assessing each patient’s unique facial structure to formulate a customized treatment plan which includes realistic expectations and natural outcomes for complete patient satisfaction.

  • Full understanding of the delivery of safe injections, safe treatment zones and safe injection depth.

  • The components of the first aid injectable kit, plus how to avoid, manage and treat possible adverse reactions and complications.

  • Live injections on 4-6 models with one-on-one expert mentorship. Focus will be on neuromodulators in the upper face (frown, forehead, crows, brow lift, bunny lines) and the use of hyaluronic acid fillers for restoration of the mid face, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, corners of the mouth, lip enhancement and softening lip lines.


*Models, product and lunch are provided in small group trainings.​

Advanced Injector Training


One-on-one or small group hands-on training tailored to the experienced injector. This course is a perfect complement to previous aesthetic training. Training's taken at request customized to your learning objectives. 


Two or more years

Topics Covered

  •  Conducting a consultation that leads to the best possible approach based on the requirements of the facial structure rather than the requirements of the patient.

  • The pan-facial rejuvenation approach (as opposed to chasing individual folds and lines) that takes results to the next level.

  • The artistic aspect of facial sculpting and replacing facial volume through individual facial analysis. Includes a comprehensive understanding of the role of muscle function in facial appearance.

  • Outside-the-box understanding of myomodulation whereby injectable filler treatment can be used to support muscle movement or block overaction in the cases of imbalances due to structural deficiency or loss of volume from the aging process.

  • The imperative of strategic product placement to achieve optimum correction, focusing on a "less is more" philosophy.

  • Micro-cannula injection techniques for scaffolding and restoring lost volume with the goal of minimizing patient downtime and adding another level of safety to your practice.

  • Shared "pearls of wisdom" for treating the full face with neuromodulator (gummy smile, lip flip, pulled down mouth corners, masseter, micro Botox, etc.) and treatment of tear trough, gummy smile, chin, jawline contour, necklace lines, décolleté and hands. Please note we do not offer hands on training for filler in the nose or glabellar due to these high risk areas associated with blindness. 

  • Current findings, case studies and personal anecdotes on the rare instances of necrosis, infection, nodules and blindness, enabling the practitioner to better avoid complications and be prepared for an adverse event if it occurs.


*Models, product and lunch are supplied in small group trainings.​



The neuromodulator and dermal filler shadowing program further supports learning and builds confidence for the practitioner. It also enables newcomers to observe and assess their options for a career in the aesthetics field.


Novices and advanced practitioners are welcome.


Spend a day one-on-one with Rana, observing her assessment and consultation practices, approaches to formulation and patient treatments. While complications may not occur on your shadow day, this area of care will be covered in detail by Rana at the end of the session. The shadowing program is complimentary to those that have undertaken a training course with Rana. 

Personalized Training

Rana will happily create a bespoke curriculum/course of study for anyone wishing to advance their non-surgical facial aesthetics skills and knowledge. The training will be geared toward the individual’s learning goals, objectives, and professional needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

Guest Educators

AFY believes in the professional value of connecting with peers from around the globe. That’s why we regularly invite expert national and international speakers to Chicago to share knowledge on safe aesthetic practice.